Parent Company

About FCM

FCM Travel Solutions is one of the world's leading corporate travel management providers. Our objective is simple: to provide you with better travel ideas for greater savings.

Our Brand Story

FCM Travel Solutions is the flagship corporate travel business of the publicly listed and globally iconic travel group Flight Centre Travel Group Limited. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, the FCM Travel Solutions brand was launched in June 2004.

The decision to adopt the FCM Travel Solutions' name followed the consolidation of various businesses within Flight Centre Travel Group Limited's highly successful corporate travel division, which commenced in 1993.

From the mid to late 1990s, Flight Centre Travel Group Limited aggressively grew its organic corporate businesses and at the same time made a number of strategic acquisitions to enhance the group's technology capabilities and strengthen its international market position.

By 2002, Flight Centre Travel Group Limited's corporate division included seven different businesses, which in 2004 were consolidated to form FCM Travel Solutions.

The reach of FCM's global network broadened significantly with the acquisition of major travel companies including Sydney Business Travel (Australia), Internet Travel Group (Australia), Garber Travel (USA), Britannic Travel (UK), American International Travel in Hong Kong, Liberty (USA), Friends Globe Travels (India), China Comfort (China) and Air Services International (Singapore).

Since 2004, FCM has continued to partner with leading local travel companies to expand the company's network, which currently extends to more than 90 countries.

Today FCM Travel Solutions is among top 5 global travel management companies managing the travel programmes for some of the world's leading corporate brands. Our portfolio of clients includes a broad selection of multi-national, national, regional and local companies across every industry and specialisation.

Our Global network

FCM's global business spans over 90 countries. FCM Travel Solutions is one of the only travel management consultancies with management and operational structures focused on seven regions including North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Central Europe, Middle East/India and Africa. Our world-wide reach means we have a global network of experts and coordinated systems in place to provide clients with world-best prices for any travel route at any time of the year.

FCM's global network shares the one 'business DNA', which is based on the same philosophies and culture. In every country, you'll receive professional and reliable assistance from teams that believe in local, flexible and personal service.

FCM's network benefits from the strong global presence, established industry relations and world-wide recognition of the Flight Centre Travel Group brand. Across its brands, FCTG has a global network of more than 2000 stores and 14,000 staff worldwide, which FCM draws upon to strengthen its corporate network.

Whether you need to travel internationally or consolidate your travel activity and costs across multiple countries, you will always benefit from our global experience, reach and negotiating strength.